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Narrative Counselling for Individuals of all ages, Couples and Families

Are you tackling a problem and would like some support?
Are you feeling overwhelmed or stressed?
Is it hard for you to get through everyday life?
Are you ready for some change?
We are here to help bring back the calm and confidence into your day to day life!
When problems come into our lives,  they tend to eat away a lot of our strength and sometimes even start to define us or our relationships with others. This often leads us into drawing generalising conslusions like: "I'm an anxious person" - "My partner never listens" - " My child is rebellious" - "We always fight" - "I have no choice" ...  which may result in low energy, a feeling of hopelessness and frustration. Sound familiar?
We can help you take up a different perspective, gradually separate yourself from the problem's influence and generate new ways of coping with whatever is affecting you, your relationships and family life.
We specialise in responding to the experience of anxiety, depression, life changes, grief, relationship issues, parenting concerns and living with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome.
We have offices in Ellerslie, Botany, and Henderson. We also offer in-home counselling.

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